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Why would you choose School Fibre for school broadband?

The network requirements of educational establishments are unique. Never have the reliance on superfast, reliable internet connectivity been more important. When you couple the increasing need for bandwidth with the need to reduce costs it can become a compromise between the requirements and your budget (with budget often winning that battle).


How would your network perform if we removed the barriers?


What if your school had a rock-solid internet solution with upload and download speeds that far exceed your highest current requirements and you saved money at the same time?

The team behind SchoolFibre has been designing, building and supporting networks for many years. We know the difference a superfast, ultra-reliable internet connection can make and we think this should be something that is accessible for every school.

SchoolFibre can deliver a dedicated, true fibre internet solution for a fraction of what you would expect. This is a fully managed, pro-actively monitored, enterprise-class solution packaged together to fit your budget. Our aim is to deliver where others simply cannot or will not at a reasonable price. We want to make access to superfast internet possible for all schools, regardless of their location.

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