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Why would you choose Whitehead & Aldrich as your chartered accountant?

You might think that because we’re one of Preston’s oldest established accountancy firms that we’re boring and fuddy duddy. We’re not.

You might feel that because we’re not a massive, multi-site national practice that we can’t have the breadth of knowledge for all situations. It doesn’t.

You might suspect that because we have a team of sixteen that you won’t get a personal service. It doesn’t.

We’ve been established for over one hundred years because people have come to trust us and value our support. In fact, some of our clients have been with us since the very beginning.

We’re all based in one lovely, historic building in the heart of Preston and clients are always welcome at our office.

Our team is large enough to ensure that there is always someone with the specialist knowledge to help you but you’ll never feel lost in the crowd.

All of our clients have a single point of contact, you only have to look at our heritage to realise that building relationships is what we do.

If that all sounds rather interesting but somewhat unbelievable regarding a firm of accountants, why not pop into our office for a chat over a coffee so you can see for yourself?

Failing that, we’d love to meet you at the Lancashire Business Exhibition.

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